~An Hour With You~



Donít let love die
Because, of how your feeling
Donít let it diminish
And stop it from healing

Donít let your heart break
Because, you want to give up
Donít let sadness
Overflow your cup

Donít turn your back
Because, you canít forgive
Donít allow a hard heart
To rule how you live

Donít forget the little things
Because, they mean so much
Donít take past mistakes
And use them as a crutch

Donít ignore my plea
Because, you feel it insincere
Donít turn away from me
As if you donít care

Donít deny what I am to you
Because , of angriness inside
Donít tell me were through
I couldnít take that in stride

Donít walk away from my love
Because, itís the easy way out
Donít be foolish and proud
Filled with sarcasm and doubt

Donít let another day pass by
Because, time is precious you know
Donít tell me youíll not try again
For you know I love you so.

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2005





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Music: "Lost In Your Love"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
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