An Hour With You~*~Deep In His Thoughts~*~

     ~An Hour With You~ 

Deep In His Thoughts

Sitting alone by the fire,
Thoughts linger back in time,
To days of his hardship then,
Now itís all left behind.

Has man become lazy now,
Since early days of old,
When man worked till sunset,
In the depths of snow.

They worked the fields,
And spread the hay,
With swat for his labor,
And bills to pay.

No push of a button then,
No automatic device,
You did it by your hand,
There was never a choice.

He tries to remember,
The good from the bad,
But things were not easy
When he was a lad.

He draws on his pipe,
While poking the fire,
Missing the past,
But glad to retire.

Ann Hart©
Jan 18, 1993



Music: "Remember"
By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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