~ An Hour With You~

I've trusted you with all my heart's treasures,
You have told me of Your greatest fear,
We have cried tears of sorrow and laughter,
This friendship will last through the years.

Life changes happen to all of us
And somehow we've lost touch recently,
Putting off till tomorrow, I reasoned,
Wouldn't effect our friendship for me.

Days turn to years~~~ in an instant,
And we seem to have grown far apart,
Yet, forever, you are locked in my memory,
I still love you with all of my heart.

Now I have heard that you are hurting,
You are still my very dearest of friends
The pain in my heart keeps on churning.
Somehow I just must make amends.

How can I explain that I love you
When it's been years since we last spoke?
Your illness pours fuel on the fire~~~
This friendship can not go up in smoke.

So I'm sending you this little message.
It's coming from the depths of my being.
I will be here WHENEVER you need me
Nevermore, will I be leaving............


Artwork by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
1836 - 1912


Music: "Touching Your Heart"
Original Composition&Music By: Dan West
Used With Permission