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Daddy's Little Girl

I have a precious Daddy,
His love for me is great,
I hold a special place in his heart,
His love for me forever will sate.
‘Cause I'm Daddy's Little Girl!

Oh yes he is my Daddy,
He will be until the end of time,
I am the "Apple of His Eye.
And he is the heart of mine.
‘Cause I'm Daddy's Little Girl!

Daddy holds me in his arms,
We sleep sometimes in a chair,
But remember when I call,
My Daddy's always there.
‘Cause I'm Daddy's Little Girl!

My Daddy is so tall,
He is gentle with a soft heart,
I really love my Daddy,
Glad of my life, he's a part.
‘Cause I'm Daddy's Little Girl!

I'll always remember my daddy,
He is just so very strong,
I will always love my daddy
And I will my whole life long.
‘Cause I'm Daddy's Little Girl!

Gayle Davis©
December 16, 2004©

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Music: "Daddy's Little Girl"

Sequenced By: Gloria Canfield
Used With Permission