~ An Hour With You~

By the beautiful sea we're one,
A place we seem to relish,
Beauty given to us for love,
One we'll always embellish.

It's adorned with lovely roses,
Heavenly is the fragrance,
And gives sweet romantic flavor,
To enhance loves' appearance.

By the beautiful sea my love,
Comes to me and me alone,
No delayings and no worries,
Just our loves' thresholds unknown.

Enjoying God's loving nature,
Is a thrill we'll ne'er dismiss,
Such beauty echoes sensations,
As we share enamored bliss.

By the beautiful sea blue waves,
Invite us with desire's song,
Without doubt or reserve we plunge,
Into its depths as we long.

It's a fresh new venture in life,
Enjoying such beauty eyed,
Serene and complete God's blessing,
And our love is side by side.

ęSondra McPherson
May 5, 2005


Music: "By the Sea" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright ę by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.