~An Hour With You~

I'm seeing what you are becoming,
I'm seeing how much you have grown.
I'm watching as God makes His Presence
In your life to be completely known.

You are beautiful, vivacious and charming,
You give so much of yourself to
The work of His Kingdom by doing
All the kind, thoughtful things that you do.

Your compassion knows no boundaries,
You treat every person the same,
You give 'till there's "just no more giving",
And you do it all to Glorify His Holy Name.

Yes, I'm seeing what you are becoming,
And I'm so proud and humbled to be
Considered your friend, what a Blessing~~~~
You are so "BECOMING" to me !!!


Written with Love to my friends
Jean, Shy, Siggy,
Lady Gayle and Judie

Music: "Time"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission