~ An Hour With You~

There is a beauty in a name,
Yes, God's Beautiful Designer,
Dearly loved, of familiar fame,
And there isn't a rose finer.

I fancy all the names of you,
And feel you're known by quite many,
My beauty, thy name is Rose too,
Love is in fragrant company.

For you bring much joy in this life,
Just as each rose gives such a glow,
It's your way of life, changing strife,
Your light's shone as your love does flow.

As with your love, each blossom grows,
Blessed are you as their handmaiden,
My sweet beauty, thy name is Rose,
You raise roses in God's garden.

And how I love your rose designs,
Gorgeous lovelies I always see,
You gracing us truly defines,
God's loving blessing on thee.

My beauty Jean, thy name is Rose,
I'm so honored you're my sweet friend,
Precious, how God sweetly bestows,
Then you, graciously us attend.

Sondra McPherson
April 29, 2005





Music: "The Rose"

Sequenced By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission