~ An Hour With You~

In you my Lord,
Such beauty I see,
If only faith is there,
You will always be.

You give unto me,
With love so true,
I believe sweet Jesus,
My faith is in you.

Though trials may come,
My faith in you will grow,
The sunshine will emerge,
Sweet miracles will show.

Oh yes, the Beauty in Faith,
Is the presence I feel,
I know it is You Lord,
That is so powerful and so real.

There is no mistaking,
The touch of Your hand,
Faith I place in You Lord,
Upon it I solidly stand.

Yes, there is Beauty in Faith,
It is seen from inside my heart,
I give everything to you Jesus,
Without You, where would life start?

Gayle Davis©
May 29, 2005





Music: "Isn't He"
Words and Music By:
John Wimber..Seq by Redsal
Redsal's Midis
© Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Used With Permission