~An Hour With You~


The trees bow in the fierce wind,
forceful and fast,
whirling over and under each branch,
ripping the leaves from their stems,
undressing trees.

Casting aside their color changing leaves,
as useless rags,
no longer needed to cover,
and shield young twigs,
bare stems wag.

In the coldness of winter's wind, naked branches hang,
their length in shame,
wistful of the beautiful coats,
they sported during warmer times,
temperatures they blame.

Time will pass quickly, like the skaters upon the frozen pond,
zipping to and fro,
returning to the trees tiny buds
flowering into full grown leaves,
in new array, will grow.

Branches reaching skyward, dancing in cadence with the wind,
as it gently caresses,
proud and fashionable in new attire,
from the limb's tip to the trunk,
the trees display new dresses.

Gayle Davis
October 15, 2003©





Music: "Amazing Spring"©
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali©
Used With Permission