~ An Hour With You~




One night we slept in the old churchyard,
Now what was the old Chevy’s plight?
Morning came we surveyed our trouble,
Something just was not working right.

So we had to decide what could be done,
Passed a station five mile back,
Had to get back there one way or another,
No way to travel, no Amtrak.
Just then S.Y. had a bright idea,
Had a jug of gasoline about,
How could a gallon of gasoline help?
S.Y. had it all figured out.

So he took the hood off the old Chevy,
In the car found a hose to start,
Stationed himself on the front end,
Feeding gas into the right part.
Now guess what was I doing all this time?
No money, couldn't get towed,
On our way back to the station we go,
ME driving the Chevy down the road.

We got to the station without any trouble,
The man said that he had the part,
No money for the part, now what to do,
Money was waiting ahead, Smart.
Then S.Y. had another bright thought,
We could just leave my rings with Mac.
While we drove thirty mile into the next town,
To get some money and bring it back.

The man said, "NO" already had to many rings.
Just leave your wife and kids with me.
S.Y. decided he could not do that,
Had to do something else, you see.
So S.Y. took the old fuel pump out,
With a hammer beat the arm straight,
Then stuck it back into the old motor,
Cranked up, just did an update.

We got to the next town and got our money,
Drove the old Chevy with same old part,
All the way home which was five hundred mile,
Praising God, praying from our heart.

By: Codell Donehoo



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Music: "On The Road Again"

Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Used With Permission