~ An Hour With You~


Granny's little special grandbaby,
Sweet as she can possibly be,
Sitting in her white wicker rocker,
Cute as a button you can see.

Such rare beauty heaven sent,
To fill my heart with pure love,
God has blessed me greatly,
From His golden throne above.

The love of a little one, given so free,
The innocent heart is pure and true,
Precious smile upon an angelic face,
Is such a divine treasure from you.

I love you little angel girl,
When you reach for granny, love flows,
I hold you deep inside my heart,
Sweet memories I carefully stow.

I pray my angelic little one,
Life to you is always gentle and kind,
Happiness stays in your loving heart,
For you have already filled mine.

Granny loves you Ashley!!!
March 26, 2005











Music: Music Box Waltz"
Magical Musical Place
Sequenced By: Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission