~ An Hour With You~

~ Angels In The Mist ~

As I walk in the light of day,
In the misty world,
Full of goodness,
Only for a moment my,

Thoughts change, the spark of life,
And the angels gather near,
Voices of wonder singing in the distance,
And the angels secret places,

Children of the light gathering close,
For today is the day they come,
To help the children of the earthly world,
So today things changing,

Manifested by a greater light within,
Returning children of earthy darkness,
Into the light of wisdom,
To the road of possibility, goodness, hope,
Love and charity,

So they live their lives the way it was meant,
Look for angels in the mist, the silent voice calls,
And the spark of life like a rose,
New in garden of hope, where life begins.

July 29th 2003

~ You often find an angel in the smile of a child ~

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