~An Hour With You~

Angel Heart

Thereís this lovely Angel
She sits upon a beautiful heart
Watching all Godís loved ones
Praying for them with all her heart

She laughs with them when they're happy
Cries with them when they're sad
Flies down when she is needed
To protect and comfort them

Through the good times and the bad
Sits on her magnificent heart
God hangs down for her, from heaven
So she can see everyone meander about

She sees all the sadness and pain
That fills each soulís heart
The poor and the homeless
Who are praying for a new start

The prayers of a Mommy and Daddy
Who have lost their beautiful child
All the abused and suffering children
Who have been forgotten along the way

The ones who are ill and depressed
She comes and stands by their beds
Letting them know, she is with them
Through every day and every night

She is Godís Angel of Mercy
Who sits and watches upon a heart
Who comes down and protects us
When needed, anytime day or night

©Donna Kramer
May 14, 2005





Music: My One Desire

By: Rich Founds, Larry Holder
Steve Israel and Elton Smith
Permission Granted


Assembled by: Donna