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Abby...Our New Little Mother

I watched something beautiful today
Bringing tears of joy, like no other.....
Seeing my Lovebird "Abby" with her eggs
What a wonderful and caring little Mother
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She sat upon her eggs, warming them
Keeping all......So close to her heart
Leaving them only, for a short while
From them....She didnít want to part

She looked a little weary, yet so proud
I could sense their happiness, inside
Her mate, "Sarah Boy" whistled loud
Was he looking at those eggs...With pride ?
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I thought of the wonders of nature......
How perfect God made it to be
How kind....Took after itís own kind
From birds of the air, to fish in the sea

I marveled as Abby took pieces of wood
She had pulled from my basket...Nearby
Trying to weave it into a nest, for her babies
So sweet and picturesque, It almost made me cry
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Inside of each Mother, is a kind of love
So rare, faithful, caring ......And true
God instilled, for her beloved children
For her child....There is nothing, she wonít do

As I watched Abby shifting all around
Making sure each egg was covered well
Loving and caring for them equally.....
A Mother's love, this you could easily tell
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I said a prayer... As I watched these birds
Busily building, And caring for each other
I believe, my prayer...The Lord has heard
Especially to bless, our new little Mother!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2005

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