~ An Hour With You~



I took a step back in time,
To when I was just a child,
I loved to pose for a picture,
And oh, how I loved to smile.

Little brother would follow suit,
Mocking each thing I'd do.
Posing e'er so perfectly,
Or sticking out his tongue too.

Mother threatened if we didn't behave,
As the photographer loaded the flash,
I stood as pretty as could be,
Kicking my shoes to my back.

From the corner of his eye,
Little brother saw the shoes,
Following along with sister,
Our mother's face changed hues,

She reached out to get me,
But the click was just too fast,
The picture was delightful,
And mother just had to laugh.

There we were in our finery,
Smiling like angels for sure,
But scanning on down the picture,
Showed the antics she must endure.

Bare feet just a shining,
Not even a sock in sight,
But mother love the setting,
Barefooted kids with their trike.

She said it was befitting,
The picture made this way,
She cherished the photograph,
Showing it often in her day.

Gayle Davis
May 2, 2005


Music: "Kids Spirit"
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission