~ An Hour With You~

Melodious is she in her heart,
High to the heavens in song,
A beautiful aria reaches,
To God she’ll always belong.

Eloquent and sweet spoken is she,
Her many friends she blesses,
Giving and sharing her love of God,
From her heart she expresses.

Love she willingly shares easily,
Giving each day happiness,
Sincerity reigns praying each day,
Filling friends with blessedness.

Vivacious in spirit God bestows,
Gracing her kind heart's desire,
To her His Love is beyond compare,
And her prayers wing much higher.

Always sharing the Love of Jesus,
Like a song rings everywhere,
She's a sweet melody to her friends,
God’s bouquet is ever there.

©Sondra McPherson
April 25, 2005


The painting used to create this set is called "Symphony
of Roses" by Russ Docken. Used with permission.

Russ Docken, Artist

Designed by Luvdalot Graphics

Music: "Because Of You"

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Used With Permission