~An Hour With You~

I was just a lonely sinner,
That God has saved by grace,
Alone, and bitter with my scars,
I took from place to place.

I never felt that I was loved,
Or that anybody cared,
So I hid my hate and sorrow,
And all the tears and fear.

But then I met my Jesus,
Who shed his blood for me,
And now I have a home someday,
For all eternity.

My scars remain inside me,
But they are not the same,
For when I feel disheartened,
I call on Jesus name.

This life may not be easy,
But you can make it through,
For we have a god who understands,
The hurts, that comes from you.

Ann Hart (Cocoa)


Music: "In Christ"
Grace Street Music
Words And Music By: Richard Blauvelt
Used With Permission