A Description Of Love

Whilst daydreaming,
About you and me,
Though far away,
Feeling you close-by,
Loves potion felt,
As fingers slide,
In and out of fantasies,
Knowing whatís now,
To what someday may be,
The whole of me,
I give easily,
Capturing a feeling,
I have yet to describe,
Loves breath baring the life,
Freely given to me,
Without limitations,
I speak the words felt,
In a description of love,
I want to share with you.

Itís every moon I look to,
Itís every star I wish on,
That brings the sun rising,
To kiss a smile on your face.
To be held within,
The divine power of love,
With the gift of emotion,
Felt so deep inside.

Celestial spirit I keep chasing,
Throughout an endless journey,
Awakened to believe, I beckon thee,
Come hither in the light,
Away from the darkness,
That I might see your face,
Acknowledging love,
Your heart canít deny,
Felt deeply inside and out,
Giving rise to what I always knew,
When you spake the first time,
Sharing with me the words saying,

I love you.

Sharon Deichert

Music: "Lost In Your Love"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission