~An Hour With You~

Milton is my nephew, I'm so proud of him,
He is a peace keeper, What a handsome man!
I thank him for what he has chosen to do,
And ask God always, to bring him through.

Soldiers all dressed in uniforms and style,
Wearing their medals and badges with pride,
Our Soldiers are keeping peace each day,
So around our world many children can play.

Our children grow up and make us proud,
For some.... It's off to war they trod,
They leave their family and wave good-bye,
And oh, the tears that make mom and dad cry!

Heavy hearts to watch our children leave,
Homes become lonely, will they return safe?
Moms and dads have many, sleepless nights,
Why all the war?-Why does he have to fight?

How dearly we love our girls and boys,
We let them move forward a career to choose,
We hold on in faith and each day do pray,
God spare their lives each and every day.

We sit and ponder many things enter the mind,
We give God thanks for He is so kind,
A soldier he'll be and for freedom he'll fight,
He'll stand in front row and do what is right.

For the young men and women called to serve,
Lord keep them in the shelter of your love,
Give them strength and courage to stand,
Standing their guard, to protect our land.

Lord we ask they would seek your wisdom,
To keep them from the terror of each day,
Oh we pray, You will protect and guide them,
With thankful hearts we just earnestly pray.

How we want to lay our weapons down,
And pray that peace would come to stay,
That we would never have to fight again,
We pray for freedom each passing day!

Bernice Wardİ
2005 Copyright

"Today's Thought"

May we always put our hope in Jesus Christ. Turn our eyes upon
Him and stay in His path, and live the way God would want us to live.
Our Lord is the only one who can bring peace. For He is our
Prince of Peace. While we have Jesus ruling in our hearts there
will always be a lasting peace. The most wonderful thing you
can give or do for another person is to pray for them.
God can mend a broken heart but we have to give Him all the pieces.
Jesus loves you and is with you every step of the way.
The most essential element in any home is God.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13



Java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

Music: "Your Amazing Love"

By: Elton Smith, Larry Holder
And Elizabeth Tolson
Used With Permission