~ An Hour With You~

Leaving Arizona the desert ahead,
Bound to Georgia our beloved state,
After starting out the battery went dead,
Then pushing was a lasting fate.

Heard this rattle in the motor one day,
Then a bang, bang, bang it went,
Backed the old Chevy across the ditch,
Push back across or build a tent.

S.Y. got under, took the oil pan off,
A rod dipper broken we found,
We had to have one didn’t matter what,
No one to help us for miles around.

We were in the middle of the desert,
Had to have a dipper to move,
Chisel in hand started work on the fender,
Good metal back then thick and smooth.

Hard work but got a small piece carved out,
A rod dipper he had to make,
Finally finished and put back on,
Back across the ditch, no mistake.

All the family got behind the Chevy,
We pushed with all our might,
“Praise the Lord” We made it into the road,
A good shove, cranked up no fight.

Drove many mile then heard the same noise again,
This garage was waiting for us,
Took off the oil pan, another dipper off,
The old one still on, no fuss.

The man worked, sensed we were hungry,
The answer “No” he would not take,
Sent us to a café, paid for our food,
It was the best food we ever ate.

When he finished he sent us on our way,
With good wishes and “God bless you,
Be a blessing to others as you go.”
Money he would not take “for other do”

Again, as we traveled on our way,
Praises to God, we could not moan,
Trusting trouble behind, bright days ahead,
We could imagine ourselves home.

Codell Donehoo
June 2005


Music: "All Things Bright And Beautiful"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission