~An Hour With You~

Image used is © Mark Keathley entitled Grandma's Pets

Yesterday's Years come flooding back,
Bringing delight to my very soul,
Reminders of the days of youth,
Joys of the mind, continue to unfold.

Sisterly chores shared in love,
From the field work to the home,
No matter the scheduled task at hand,
We joined together, ne'er working alone.

We shelled the corn to feed the chickens,
Always wary of the red rooster's spurs,
A quick jump into the air, wings flapping,
His aggressive actions often occurred.

Ducks quacking as they came to eat,
Web footed and waddling slowly to the feed,
Eagerly accepting each tidbit of greens,
They knew we would supply their needs.

Such times we enjoyed each day,
As the time to feed the animals grew near,
We picked at that old rooster daily,
Even though he filled us with fear.

Memories roll to the front of the mind,
Crowding out the reality of today,
It is such a pleasant thought,
To go back in time this way.

Gayle Davis©
March 19, 2005



Music: "Old Mac Donald Had A Farm"
Magical Musical Place For Children
Sequenced by: Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission