~An Hour With You~ 


Would You Be Mine

One rose colored tooth brush
Standing in the bathroom all alone
In the multi tooth brush holder
But standing lonely all alone

Wondering if the lonely toothbrush
Would ever have someone to love
Waiting, moment after moment
For a guy toothbrush to love

On one special morning out of the blue
Came a brand new tooth brush
The beautiful color of blue
It was put in the toothbrush holder

Right next to the rose toothbrush
It was so funny, they fell in love
He touched her bristles with his
Said sweetie would you be mine

The rose toothbrush was so happy
She had waited so long for a brush to love
Now she had a special blue brush
Who wanted her to be his very own

Then he asked her, a couple more times
Honey, please would you be mine
Rosie said yes, I will love you Blue
Until the very end of time

©Donna. Kramer
Feb. 13, 2005


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Music: True Love

Permission Given
By: Margi Harrell



Assembled By: Donna