~An Hour With You~

 He Is Crying For His Children


I walked along as a drunkard,
Stumbling with each step,
Unsteady and without guidance,
Confused I sat and wept.

My arms were so lifeless,
Limp hanging by my side,
Nothing to reach for in life,
Useless they withered and died,

A mind once brilliant and active,
Now swirls in worldly decay,
The learning has ceased,
I seek no knowledge today.

My soul has become hardened,
As though chiseled of stone,
Feeling now escapes me,
I will no tomorrow, all reason is gone.

The dawn has become blurred,
The days are dark as the nights,
Blank stares serve to occupy.
My eyes find no solace in sight.

Gayle Davis
February 21, 2005



Music: "Sea Of Loneliness"©
Rodney A. Brubaker's MIDI Music
Composed and Performed By:
Rodney A. Brubaker
Used With Permission