~ An Hour With You~

Love is our melody of delights,
And a song of love my heart plays,
Our souls glide as one in heavens lights,
With love, always we'll have bouquets.

A lovely delicate rose from you,
Speaks romantic whispers in tune,
A sweet gentle voice says be mine too,
With love, always we’ll fly the moon.

Softly and sweetly you romance me,
And I know in my heart I'm yours,
I love you my darling we'll e'er be,
With love, always the music soars.

Love is in the air and you are mine,
I can hear your heart in my song,
You hold me close in yours so divine,
With love, always we will be strong.

Together we make all music ring,
Our love song's celestial bliss,
And true love's ways live on my darling,
With love...always heaven exists.

You're all the precious moments that be,
A rose whispered love breathing song,
Sweet romantic melodies for me,
With love...always our hearts belong.

©Sondra McPherson
January 15, 2005

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Music: "True Love Ways" ... Buddy Holly
Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission