~ An Hour With You~

Standing alone in a wistful wind,
Reflecting on her love now gone,
Her mind mulls over his wanderings,
Sadly brooding she waits till dawn.

And as the wind gusts more bittersweet,
Love unanswered brings deep sadness,
Intense is the burden on her heart,
Leaving no hope only bleakness.

How the wind blows of deep loneliness,
And even though her beauty blooms,
Despair is much more than she can take,
Giving way to the darkest gloom.

Holding herself together tears fall,
Released, all breaks away sorrows,
And weepings remove the dire stronghold,
Perhaps new love in the ‘morrows.

As the wistful wind lightens its breeze,
She begins to feel encouraged,
Knowing in her heart that gentler times,
Will take away sadness engaged.

Standing alone but now with new hope,
She girds herself for better days,
With a softness in her heart peace comes,
As she looks high up heaven’s way.

©Sondra McPherson
February 5, 2005

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