~ An Hour With You~

Wistful Dreams

Nighttime slowly closes in,
Bringing sleepiness to my eyes,
Lying between satin sheets,
Sleep overtakes my weary sighs.

Dreams silently come to haunt me,
It happens so often now,
Since you withdrew your precious love,
Tearfully I wonder how.

I feel your strong arms around me,
Pulling me ever so near,
Sweet kisses flood my eager lips,
I give to you without fear.

It is a chaste wishing dream,
Yet the desires come not true,
I lay in this bed alone,
Iím consumed with the need of you.

I yearn to bring back the times,
Enjoyment of loveís giving and sharing,
You reject all overtures,
You exist in a world void of caring.

We daily live side by side,
In a world empty of touching and feeling,
How can you maintain this way?
The intimacy leaves my senses reeling.

©Gayle Davis
March 28, 2004

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Music playing is "Wistful Imaginings"©

the composition is copyright © Geoff Anderson
and used with permission.