~ An Hour With You~ 

Winter Muse



We sit before the fire; how warm inside-
Sheltered against the cold, our cozy room,
The crackling fire-a cheery sound-while outside
The winter wind howls like the voice of doom.

The brightest stars look down but cannot know-
How pale they are beside our firelight glow.
Now under paler sun, the leafless trees-
Heavy from night, the winter ice and snow;

Make bell like music, when springs the morning breeze;
As bare limbs, winter dark move to and fro'-
Like harpists touching waiting strings at will-
Small chimes replacing summer notes-now still.

Cloistered in the barn-the winter birds,
Their sweet small peeps and twittering are heard,
In the garden a cheeky snowshoe Hare,
Lifts his head and tastes the crystal air,
While over on the hill-a herd of Deer
Forage in the snow with out fear.

Suddenly bright, white day dissolves into
Twilight shades of soft violet hue,
As quickly glittering stars burst into sight-
Heralding another long winter night.

For my step father-who loved winter, sleep well, Pop

Betty C. Danielsİ



DYNAMIC DRIVE  snow effect!

Music: "Solitude"

Used With Permission

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