~ An Hour With You~ 

Valentine !!!

A Shoe Box with a slot in the top
Through which the cards could slide,
All wrapped in red tissue,
With paper doilies cut heart-shaped size.

This was our home-work, done for school
In my kindergarten year.
And there was this 'one special boy'
My little heart held so dear.

I chose for him a 'special card',
Made Mom read every one,
Until I found the "bestest"
So he'd know he was my sun,

And my moon, and all my stars,
For there could never be,
Another boy in all the world
That meant so much to me !!!!

Valentine's Day is finally here!!!
My heart was filled with glee,
Until I finally read the card
This boy had given me !!!!

No hearts, No flowers, just a cowboy
Riding on a silly pony,
I "lasso" you~~~is all it said,
And that is no bologna !!!!

'Unrequited love' is hard to take,
No matter what the age,
I only learned one thing, that's true,
But it has made me such a "sage".

Things that seem so important now,
That you'll never be the same,
Change a lot, as time goes by~~~,
I can't even remember his name.


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