~ An Hour With You~

Treasures In My Heart

I keep treasures of precious things,
And hold them deep within my heart,
All my hopeful dreams and wishes,
And waiting for you's just a part.

I've never known the love of you,
Sitting beneath the moonlight's glow,
But another precious glimmer,
Sends treasures in my heart that grow.

Can you hear my heart softly voice,
Brushing through clouds to reach the stars,
Are you there now my chosen love,
Treasures in my heart wait love's power.

How the moonlight shines and reflects,
Precious feelings you have for me,
With mine for you we'll be one soon,
All treasures in my heart agree.

Can you see two stars shining close,
They shimmer and glisten of love,
Sprinkling dreams' stardust upon me,
Treasures in my heart gleam thereof.

Oh keep treasures of precious things,
In your heart beneath the moonlight,
Let all your dreams and wishes star,
Shining beams your love’s in my sight.

©Sondra McPherson
March 16, 2005