~An Hour With You~

God's Promise


Oh, how softly and faint the voice is
And as I strain to hear the oncoming sound
I feel it is very far off, yet clear
Through melodious words,
It pleads with me to put them down.

The voice so peaceful, and smooth
Somewhat like an echo from above
It will be gone for some time,
Then as if beckoned, it returns in love

I cannot pen a poem, nor would I try
As the Father sends one from above
To recite the words that flow
On the paper and with much love

Sometimes they come often,
Yet when I rush and feel stressed
The words get flooded over,
And to hear them I must have rest

Oh, peaceful rest, how I love thee
Visions of softly flowing streams
Satiny clouds gracefully moving
And silence, for visions and dreams.

Yet not asleep, I can sit in the realm
Of tranquility and hear a bird sing.
I feel the breeze move softly through the trees
And happiness like none other it can bring.

Then, and only then, the words go down on paper
Inspired, these words coming in through the melody
And as I write them, I feel a caress within my heart
In addition, a peace, overwhelming,
Singing such as a psalmody.

© Kentucky_Lady4
January 4, 2005


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Music Playing Is: "Night Bird"©;

The Composition Is Copyright © Geoff Anderson
Used With Permission.