~An Hour With You~


We're touched by God's Love Jesus,
Eternal Perfection gave,
'Tis sweetness of His Beauty,
The Word of Life came to save.

Jesus was born to give life,
He came and gave and arose,
Ne'er do we have to fear death,
God's Love for us ever glows.

We're touched by a Living Rose,
Jesus is God's Love for us,
Beautiful, gentle, fragrant,
The Word of Life's our Jesus.

Jesus' Love is completed,
He saw to it on that Cross,
While He said "It Is Finished,"
God's Love for us wore sins' dross.

We're touched by God's Loving Rose,
And He's all we'll ever need,
Love and existence is ours,
The Word of Life's signed by Deed.

Jesus' Love is Glorious,
Triumphant and jubilant,
This Red Rose covered in tears,
God's Love for us thus Gallant.

©Sondra McPherson
March 21, 2005





Music: "He"

Sequenced By Bob Sorem
Used With Permission