~ An Hour With You~



To Live Again

Little angels with dirty faces,
Hide their hurts in unseen spaces,
All the while their heartbeat races
And they try to keep step to paces
Set by those who hurt them ; cases
That break your heart and leave traces
Of tear-stains shed in unseen places.

How to bind the broken hearts?
And give them back the broken parts,
All bound with Love and Hope imparts
A flood of joy and feeling starts
To bring about the saintly arts
Of Binding up these Broken Hearts !!
On silver wings each Angel starts
To live again.

all right reserved

I wrote this poem for an on line friend
who was starting a support group for
those who had suffered child abuse.
I helped her write the introduction
to the group, and she told me about
the things that she had experienced and
her desire to mend those broken hearts.



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Music Playing Is: "A New Beginning "©

The Composition Is Copyright © Geoff Anderson
Used With Permission.