~ An Hour With You~


I sit and gaze into the open space,
Thoughts crowding my roving mind,
The glass I look through is broken,
Like this languishing heart of mine.

The world around me is crumbling,
All that I relished is now gone,
There is no one to turn to,
Just me sitting, sad and alone,

Looking through the glass thus broken,
Distorts the vision of all things seen,
Like my life has been shattered,
Deforming the reality of my dream.

I yearn for you my darling,
Life is no longer set in a frame,
It has taken the will from my soul,
Extinguishing the once burning flame.

Alone and forever heartbroken,
The sun's ray bring me no pleasure,
The essence of my life is broken,
Death took my most beloved treasure.

Gayle Davis
February 11, 2005


Map 4

Music: "Lonesome Is My Name"

Original By Mel Webb
Used With Permission