~ An Hour With You~

Thinking of you....Always


It's your birthday tomorrow and I'm thinking of you,
Remembering all the moments of our love so true,
Those moments that now mean so much to me,
Remembering you, that's my reverie.

Bouquets of flowers for no reason at all,
Fishing trips we took, in the spring and the fall,
The roaring fireplace at Mel's cabin at the lake,
Dinner by candlelight, you cooking the steak.

Waltzing at weddings, recalling our romance,
The look in your eyes when we started to dance..
Singing those hymns that meant so much to you,
Singing them now brings us closer, it's true.

Those moments when you held me, dried all my tears,
Your arms have sustained me throughout all these years,
I miss you, my darling, more than mere words can say,
And I remain~~~~only one heart-beat away.





Music: "My Silent Reverie"

Original Composition By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission