~ An Hour With You~

The love in my heart only grows,
Like a rose it reaches for you,
And I feel such a longing for,
The touch of you that I once knew.

And I do miss you my darling,
I want your arms around me tight,
How I need your love to hold me,
And make everything be all right.

I look at the rose how itís carved,
You know the one you sent to me,
Sweetly preserved now in its frame,
It is the touch of you I see.

You created this rose for me,
Very gently with your own hands,
And I love you so my darling,
Oh my heart longs but understands.

Yes I wait for the day you're home,
And pray you are safe and God speed,
I wish you love and send my kiss,
The touch of you is hope I need.

My love for you is like this rose,
Filled with much sweetness just for you,
As the fragrance floats in the air,
Think of me as it breezes through.

©Sondra McPherson
February 5, 2005

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Music: "I Wish You Love"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission