~An Hour With You~

I was walking down a path I had often been down before,
one place I always passed by was very hard for me to ignore.
I could hear this beautiful soft music coming from inside,
it drew me closer with each step but I still could not decide.

I wondered if I should go in for a visit to take a look around,
there on the path, ahead of me, were pink rose petals on the ground.
I walked up to the gate and through a flowered entrance to get in,
first was the lovely fragrance of flowers and the sound of a violin.

There were so many different flowers everywhere I could see,
the absolute beauty of it all was completely breath taking to me.
What was this wonderful, serene place I had wandered into,
it was filled with so many people but not anyone I knew.

Everyone there looked so peaceful with a smile on their face,
where was I, what was I doing here, what was this place.
I was going to turn and leave and try not to bother any one,
then I heard soft footsteps behind me and knew I should not run.

“Please, come in my friend there are so many lovely things here to see”,
a kindly looking gentleman said walking ever so slowly up to me.
“Your in the prayer garden and you are always welcome to stay,
people come here often when they feel the need to pray.”

“ God can provide you with everything to help you make it through,
there is always plenty of faith, hope, trust, love, and forgiveness too.”
“Please, come back for another visit anytime you want to pray,
God is always here to listen, twenty-four hours a day.”

Brenda Sparkman
February 23, 2005








Music: "Hear My Prayer" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.