~ An Hour With You~

The petals of life,
Wrap so carefully,
Covering the heart,
In delicate layers,
Of fragile sweetness.

The trials of life,
Cause the petals,
To slowly uncurl,
Revealing the heart,
In its delicate nature.

Bared to the elements,
Marring takes the place,
Of once true perfection,
Inspiring death to replace,
The soul once layered.

Its prominent stand gone,
In the garden of life,
The Rose will shine no more,
But in another season,
It springs into bloom.

Repeating the cycle of life,
Wrapping sweet fragrant petals,
Around the heart of the soul,
To once again hold salient status,
Creating perfection in a passing world.

Gayle Davisİ
January 18, 2005


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Music: "Audela de Lune"

Original Composition