~ An Hour With You~

The Most Beautiful Angel


Heaven’s Gates just opened wide,
The Angels sang a welcome song,
Another Angel entered therein,
Her trip made not alone.

A smile spread upon her face,
As the sites her eyes behold,
Declaring this is most beautiful,
‘Tis like pictures as they unfold.

She often wondered what it was like,
This beautiful home up in the sky,
She was sure one day she would see,
For heaven’s way she would fly.

Her innocent eyes opened wide,
As Jesus came through the door,
Welcome my beloved child,
You are home forevermore.

Timid arms reached out to Him,
Wonderment filled her soul,
“I Love you Jesus,” she whispered,
“You have once again made me whole.”

©Gayle Davis
July 1, 2004








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Music: "Looking For the Angels"©
Original Songs by MidiSandy
copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission