~ An Hour With You~

Sweet and lovely my pink roses,
Petals of softness hold your love,
Always they bring memories and,
The feeling of romance thereof.

Your bouquet of love ever lives,
For it fills my heart completely,
When love found me you truly knew,
The feeling of romance sweetly.

There's a magic in love for us,
Two hearts together Oh it's clear,
Our love's flying high I love you,
The feeling of romance is near.

I remember all those sweet times,
Sweetheart roses for me from you,
Delicate beauties that define,
The feeling of romance so true.

Happy Valentine's day my love,
You're still so romantic to me,
You already have my heart and,
The feeling of romance will be.

©Sondra McPherson
February 3, 2004

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Music Playing Is: "When Love Found Me "©;

The Composition Is Copyright © Geoff Anderson
Used With Permission.