~ An Hour With You~

The Crucifixion


On Calvary a cross-stood
For the One that was to hang
As anticipation filled the air
Chanting.... From the crowds rang

They watched a Man being tortured
Nails.... Pounded through His skin
Such a cruel punishment
They said “He had committed a sin!”

They knew the One, hanging there
Who caused miracles as He trod
Was accused........of blasphemy
Saying, He was the Son Of "God"

Thorns were pressed upon His head
His blood was trickling down
Guards laughed, calling Him “The King”
Saying “now...You have Your crown!”

It saddens my Heart, when I think
Of that day .......so long ago
When they hung Jesus on that cross
In ignorance, they did not know

He really was the Son Of God
As they were soon....to find out
In the middle of the afternoon
A great darkness fell about

Afterwards, they went to His grave
In the early part of the third day
His body was no longer there
When the stone was .....rolled away

Our Lord had already risen.....
It was, as He said it would be
He gave His life, so we could live
Offering salvation, so sweet and free!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2004

Romans 5:8
But God Commandeth His Love Toward
Us, In That, While We Were Yet Sinners
Christ Died For Us.




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Used With Permission