~ An Hour With You~

  Thank God for Grandmas !!!

Thank God for Grandmas,
Without whom,
The life of kids would be dark,
Full of gloom,
Grandmas can see what Moms Won't,
Most of Mom's sentences start with, "Don't."

Grandmas have a way to make things fair,
Grandmas approach life with much to share,
A Grandma shows how you should be livin'
'Specially if you want to go to heaven.

Grandmas really know the score,
They expect the best, and demand no more
Than you can actually, freely give,
Yup, Grandmas know just how to live.

The thing that really amazes me,
Are grandmas are Moms that 'used to be',
The kind that started all sentences, "Don't",
Then she grew up~~~but my Mom won't !!!

Or will she??~~maybe that will be true,
Moms have lessons to learn, just the same as you.
When she's all through learning,
Maybe she'll be,
Just as nice as my Grandma
Has been to me !!!!!

Thank God for Grandmas
Will be my plea,
For all the prayers that she says for me.
For all the cuddles, and hugs, and sighs,
Thank God for Grandmas,
Angels in Disguise!!!




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Music: "Angels Watching Over Me"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission

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