~ An Hour With You~ 


Sweet Valentine’s Love


Silently you crept into my heart,
Creating a permanence elated,
Propagating joy throughout my soul,
Etching sweet love in flashing signs stated.

It shows in the smile upon my face,
Reflecting mirrored images from my eyes,
Captivates the core of my being,
Proliferating rhapsodic heart cries.

My steps are lighter as onward I tread,
I glide on air beneath my feet,
I raise my arms in anticipation,
Wishful expectations clear as we meet.

My heart is yours forever more,
In loyalty and love devoted to you,
You enkindle my emotions,
In sweet committed assurance, thus true.

Gayle Davis
January 30, 2004©






Music: "My Valentine"

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission