~An Hour With You~


Sweet Granddaughter

Sweet little granddaughter
The apple of my eye
With a gentle, soft heart
Wouldnít hurt a fly

Beautiful soft blond hair
With glorious blue eyes
A soft little twinkle
Of laughter in her eyes

Loved by so very many
For the sweetness that she shows
Everyone she seems to touch
Her love just seems to overflow

She is just so very beautiful
So sweet, special and kind
Iím so very blessed that God
Made this granddaughter mine

I know my special granddaughter
Is a marvelous gift of love
Given to me from God above
For He gave me someone wonderful

A beautiful granddaughter for me to love
Now that you have moved so far away
Remember always how much I care
I promise Iíll be here for you

Until my very last days
So remember I am there with you
Always standing by your side

I love you always, Grandma Jeanne
Dedicated To: Elizabeth




Music: True Love

Permission Granted
By: Margi Harrell




Assembled By: Donna