~ An Hour With You~





 Darling and sweet and petite is she,
Our beautiful blonde starlet,
Readily she sings and dances grand,
Lips and cheeks rosy scarlet.

Truly a little actress to be,
Puttin' on the Ritz today,
Smiling on cue with her baby blues,
She'll swish all your woes away.

Our beautiful blonde starlet so cute,
Perky as her bouncing curls,
While she dances and taps on the stage,
She's singing songs as she swirls.

This little doll of glamour is six,
Bright and bubbly and happy,
Her eyes twinkle big like her Daddy's,
And at times they're quite snappy.

Our beautiful blonde starlet's gifted,
Full of music besides sweet,
Loving, she gives us the biggest hugs,
She's one star I hope you'll greet.

She sparkles like a light beam that's shone,
Beautiful hues all floral,
Entertaining's a vision come true,
Our starlet's a natural.

*Our Granddaughter*

©Sondra McPherson
December 30, 2004


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Valerie Tabor-Smith

Music: "Puttin' On The Ritz/Everybody Loves My Baby"
Bob Mace Midi Page
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Used With Permission

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