~An Hour With You~

As Godís shining light bestows glory,
Each delicate petal beams bright,
Becoming splendid flowering blooms,
And Spring time beautyís grand delight.

With the hope of a new day dawning,
So touched by the brilliance of God,
Sweet friendship's loving devotion stems,
As life's Spring time beauty so awed.

The light of God shines upon each face,
As His softest glow then surrounds,
A warm gentleness in each heart brings,
Spring time beauty's jubilant sounds.

To see the flair of reflection rare,
Gives delight to each lovely bloom,
An elegant splendor then graces,
Spring time beauty's aspired perfume.

How Love exists in designs of God,
As He breathes His fragrances sweet,
Day-and-night bouquets lift way higher,
Spring time beauty at all times greets.

The light and essence of God lingers,
In the heart of each beloved friend,
Held dear are sweet petals blessed Divine,
Spring time beauty is friends God sends.

©Sondra McPherson
March 5, 2005

Music: "You've Got A Friend (James Taylor)

Sequenced By: George E. Cadero
Used With Permission