~ An Hour With You~

Spring restores the soul in so many ways,
It's like a new freshness from God,
Always His love breathes a fragrant sweetness,
And we keep on being so awed.

A lovely day in Spring is breathtaking,
It is truly God's words speaking,
For the fresh beauty of Springtime welcomes,
And revives all whoíre life seeking.

Spring renews the soul giving happiness,
Itís a wondrous wisp of brisk air,
It embraces all hearts from heights Above,
Sending sparks to burst blooms that share.

On a sunshiny day Spring brings sweet glows,
Itís the heart of loves side by side,
I can see them together all the while,
For loveís in their eyes beaming wide.

Spring rekindles the soul with gentle flames,
Though hearts in love sense the serene,
Loveís in the air at all times beautiful,
And lifeís a sweet radiant scene.

A lovely day in Spring must always be,
So like God's sweet heaven Above,
Beginnings unfolding forever days,
It seems to be when all life loves.

©Sondra McPherson
March 2, 2005


Music: "A Summer Place"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission