~An Hour With You~

Spring Rain

A soft gentle spring rain
Warm with a sweet clean fragrance
Making a sound of  pitter-patter
As the gentle rain blows
Against your window panes

Beautiful crocus and daffodils
Growing out from the saturated ground
In lovely colors of lavender and yellow
Drinking from the precious spring rain

Sun peeking out at an opportune time
Bringing out a magnificent rainbow
Radiating out its glorious bright colors
Reminding the world of Godís promise

Never giving the world another large flood
Of a forty day and forty night rain
Just showing the glory of his rainbow
Reinforcing his marvelous promise

While watching and listening to the sound
Of the beautiful soft gentle spring rain
Leaving behind a feeling of security and love
Always reminding us of Godís precious promise

©Donna Kramer
Feb 23, 2005




Music: I Believe

By: Norma Stephenson
Permission Granted


Assembled By: Donna