~An Hour With You~



Beneath the snow, the earth stirs and warms,
and nudges the sleeping nestlings in her arms-
and whispers to the Crocus "My brave little one-
look out and see if there is a springtime sun"

And Crocus thrusts her head up and cries-
"It's there-it's here! I see it with my eyes!"
Arousing gentle Jonquil, who murmurs with a smile,
"Go on out and play then, I'll be there in a while"

Waking golden Daffodil-who starts up in surprise:
"No time to sleep now, children-it's spring, it's time to rise!!
In turn, bold, bright Tulip; exclaiming with a shock--
"It's spring? I best be donning my new spring frock!"

"Now Dowager Iris (mumbling in her sleep),
"I need my beauty rest-can't all this bustle keep?"
Above-the snow begins to melt-the birds commence to sing,
hailing Crocus; the herald; the Harbinger of spring.

Soon the earth explodes in altered shades of green,
myriads of pastel blooms burst upon the scene,
flowery fragrances fill the balmy air,
The magic of spring is here-it's everywhere!

Betty C. Danielsİ






Music: "What A Wonderful World"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission