~ An Hour With You~ 



Six Beautiful Roses


I am sending you six roses
And I send them with my love,
Each one has a meaning,
From my garden up above.....

One rose is for the sunshine
You give to me each day,
Two is for the laughter,
That you have sent my way......

Three is for our friendship
It has really touched my heart.
Four is for the blessings,
You gave me from the start....

Five is for the bond we share
As our friendship ever blooms,
Six is for everlasting.
Like the stars and the moon....

Yes, I am sending you six roses
To remind you everyday,
How God has blessed our friendship
In a very special way....

Ann Hart©
Nfld, Canada
To God Be All Glory......




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Music: "The Rose"
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission