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Sharing Blessings

As a lovely rose blooms in beauty,
A lily blossoms uniqueness,
So live flowers in my life that be,
Sharing blessings of Godís sweetness.

The rose gives the fragrance of Jesus,
One and only preciousness lives,
Ever so loving Heís close to us,
Sharing blessings of friends He gives.

Now the lilyís fragile and graceful,
With an elegance thus refined,
Mirroring Jesusí love beautiful,
Sharing blessings with me Divine.

Iím honored by all flowers giving,
My heartís filled with love for each one,
Each shine in brilliance rare and living,
Sharing blessings bright from The Son.

Thank God for all these lovely flowers,
Graced I grasp their beauteousness,
Preciously they touch Him in deep prayer,
Sharing blessings of lovesí kindness.

Thereís a song in my heart for my friends,
Sweet, kind, loving, theyíre graciously,
Flowers with angelic glows who send,
Love, sharing blessings dear to me.

©Sondra McPherson
January 4, 2005
*For All My Dear Sweet Friends*

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the composition is copyright © Geoff Anderson
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